The new album ARCADIA 08/09/2015

The alpine horn player, Eliana Burki, was just four years old when she discovered this extraordinary instrument. Even as a young teenager, she did not follow the rules of the instrument, making both friends and enemies in the traditional music scene as a result. But it was nigh on impossible to dissuade the young alpine horn revolutionary from mixing the archaic sound of the alpine horn with jazzy elements modelled on Miles Davis. Now the Swiss musician may be described as the most successful international representative of her profession. Trips and concert tours throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America have broadened her horizons and inspired Eliana Burki to constantly come up with something new – funk, rock, soul, world-music, there are no musical boundaries for this artist. In 2013, Eliana Burki surprised the music world once more with her album “Alpine Horn Symphonic”, recorded with the Munich Radio Orchestra.

Her new album is called ARCADIA and its release date will be defined soon. With ARCADIA, Eliana Burki is breaking new ground. The album was produced in collaboration with the exceptional musician and producer Christian Lohr (Joss Stone, Gianna Nannini, Gregor Meyle etc.) and the unique Solis String Quartet from Naples. On ARCADIA, Christian Lohr has created exceptionally dense, atmospheric sound worlds, in which the sounds, grooves and melodies melt into each other, and places the alpine horn in a completely new context. It is certainly worth getting excited about the sound universe of Eliana Burki – as promised, the artist takes us on a musical journey around the world. Because home is so important to Eliana Burki, she sees the whole world as her home. The interplay between what is familiar and foreign has become the source of her creative energy – and the subject of all her artistic creations.